Undergraduate Study

Welcome to the undergraduate program in Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) at Duke University. We offer two bachelor of science degrees: a civil engineering (CE) major featuring two study tracks (Structural Engineering and Mechanics, and Environmental Engineering & Water Resources) and an environmental engineering (EnvE) major. We offer dual major opportunites, a fast track 4+1: BSE+master's degree program, and several certificates. Students have considerable flexibility to pursue second majors and minors within the Pratt School of Engineering or Duke's Trinity College of Arts and Sciences.

Educational Objectives

Our goals for the CEE program are to position our graduates to: 

  • use their knowledge and understanding of engineering sciences and design to advance their professional career;
  • think critically when solving and managing tasks;
  • communicate effectively in multidisciplinary, professional environments;
  • exercise professional responsibility and sensitivity in the context of the social, economic, ethical and environmental implications of their engineering work;
  • function effectively and efficiently as an individual and as a part of a team; and
  • pursue life-long learning to earn relevant professional credentials (for example, licensure, professional or graduate degrees).

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